For nearly 10 years, several managers succeeded each other. Under the governance of Jacques Cellier, Gérard Haricot and Michel Charton took over the management. In 2004, Denis Aubel bought the company and chaired it until June 2017, the year in which the company was placed in receivership. On July 6, 2017, Benoît Balandras and Thomas Sénéclauze, both employees of the company, bought out and reorganized Labaronne-Citaf.

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Opération Mécénat 2020 : restons solidaires !
En 2020, Labaronne-Citaf se mobilise aux côtés de l'ONG Aquassistance dans la mise en place d'actions durables en termes d'eau, d'assainissement et de gestion des déchets.